2017-2018 Winners

2017-2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to all the award recipients at NIETF’s 26th Anniversary Gala! Thank you everyone for an amazing evening!


Presidential Award for Excellence – 4th Street Theater for The Red Kite Project

Project Cast: L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild for sound equipment

Outstanding achievement: David Long



Principal Male in a Play

Karl Berner as Eddie, Hurlyburly, Chicago Street Theatre


Principal Female in a Play

Stephanie Stalbaum as Bella, Lost in Yonkers, L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild


Featured Role in a Play

Timmy Gleason as Phil, Hurlyburly, Chicago Street Theatre


Direction of a Play

Paul & Angie Lowe, Lost in Yonkers, L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild


Scenic Design of a Play

Colleen Zana, Mom Cole’s, Valparaiso Theatrical Company

Lighting Design of a Play

John Wotkun, Mark of Cain, Beatniks on Conkey


Sound Design of a Play

Angela Heid, Moonlight and Magnolias, Chicago Street Theatre


Costume Design of a Play

Angie Lowe and Cast, Lost in Yonkers, L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild


Viewers Choice in a Play

Foreign Language Use by Cast, The Primary English Class, 4th Street Theater


Best Play

Lost in Yonkers, L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild


Principal Male in a Musical

Tyler Mills as Leo Frank, Parade, 4th Street Theater


Principal Female in a Musical

Kelly Bourget as Lucille Frank, Parade, 4th Street Theater


Featured Role in a Musical

Will Akins as Jim Conley, Parade , 4th Street Theater


Direction of a Musical

Linda Pauli, Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater


Musical Direction of a Musical

Jeff Otto, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Vocal Direction of a Musical

Linda Pauli, Parade, 4th Street Theater


Choreography of a Musical

Trisha Sabocik, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Scenic Design of a Musical

Jesse Howe, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Lighting Design of a Musical

Bob Cooley, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Sound Design of a Musical

Dan Watt, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Costume Design of a Musical

Michael Ohm, Hair, Chicago Street Theatre


Viewers Choice in a Musical

Projections/Paper Falling Effect (Angela Heid, Dan Watt), Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater


Best Musical

Ordinary Days, 4th Street Theater

Volunteers of the Year

4th Street Theater – Angela Heid

Alliance Children’s Theatre – Steve Messamer

Beatniks on Conkey – Don Taylor

Dunes Arts Foundation – Andy Neal

Ensemble Theatre Company – Mark McColley

Genesius Guild – David Long

Hammong Community Theatre: Wayne Puchkors

Highland Park’s Performing Arts Group: Cora Knight

Improductions: Dan Pritchett

L’arc en Ciel Theatre Guild: Jackson DeLisle

Seedlings Theatre Company: Emily Leckie

Valparasio Theatrical Company: Craig Kozora

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