Bart Kuebler’s work as both music director, composer, and arranger include original music & lyrics for the Off-Broadway premiere of John Cariani’s LOVE/SICK; and book, music, and lyrics for Moonshiner, a Musical Fabulism. Music directing credits include the world premieres of Second to Nun; Love, Always; I Sing the Rising Sea; and Frog Kiss; readings of All This and Heaven Too..., Opal Ann and the Fabulous Kit Katt; and regional productions of Happy Days, The Honky Tonk Angels, The Last 5 Years, Hairspray, and a slew of others. As a performer Bart has toured worldwide with Windborne Music’s “The Music Of...” series and across the U.S. with a number of
Filipino artists; he has performed on national tours of Wicked and Legally Blonde, and has also accompanied Bernadette Peters and Liz Callaway in concert. Bart is currently the Music & Artistic Director of The Zeiders American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, a dynamic company whose mission is presenting new and emerging works and artists.

The Story Behind MOONSHINER

Hi, I’m Bart and I created Moonshiner. Moonshiner is an
outlandish tale of three people coming to terms with the
absurdities of their identities; the best word to describe it is
fabulism- a kind of magic realism in which fantastical elements
are placed in an ordinary setting. In this case, the ordinary
setting is Chicago, on the last two days of October, 1952. The
fantastic parts? They have to be seen to be believed- so come
join us next summer!
With Moonshiner, I’ve created a world within our world- people
and places that may be all around us, but that we only glimpse
out of the corners of our eyes. Moonshiner is a story about
being open to possibilities- the possibilities of our friends
and neighbors being different and more complex than they appear,
or of us taking ahold of our futures and changing our own fates.
All wrapped up in an evening of jazz, doo-wop, rockabilly, and
even celtic tunes.

Prepare for the Audition

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Listen to Demos

Argument of the Orbits vocal demos

Who's That Man vocal demos

Man Enough for Me demo

The Private Dick demo

Nic script pages 10-12 and song The Private Dick Part I measure 29 to end or song of your choice "anything jazzy & wordy- it doesn't have to be a showtune, as a matter of fact something in the style of Jon Hendricks or Kurt Elling would be ideal."

Selene script pages 3-4 and 37 and all of song Untitled As Yet or song of your choice "she's got the widest range stylistically and most demanding vocal role. Something Cy Coleman would be the best- City of Angels/ On the Twentieth Century/ Will Roger's Follies. Come to think of it, "Repent" from On the Twentieth Century would capture a lot of what that role is!"

Peter script page 22 (should be funny) and all of song Moonshine or song of your choice "he's basically Elvis- but I think something more Lieber & Stoller would be demonstrative, so a cut of something from Smokey Joe's Cafe would be great."

Fabulist pages 10-12 and song Moonshine Reprise beginning through measure 9 or song of your choice "he'll have a big number replacing pages 38-39 of the current script that will be classic Broadway two-beat, but quirky- like Sondheim's "Broadway Baby." I really envision that role as the current version of Mandy Patinkin, so a lot of flexibility vocally (both sung and spoken)."



NICODEMUS SILVER (NIC)- World-weary private investigator, hard-boiled detective. Baritone/tenor with a strong jazz emphasis.


SELENE ORB- Aspiring cabaret singer. Married to PETER. Mezzo-soprano with massive belt and floating head voice.


PETER ORB- Insurance actuary hiding his werewolf identity. The actuary identity is nerdy, the werewolf is cool like The Fonz, not a hairy wolf- man. Married to SELENE. Elvis-style commercial baritenor.


FABULIST- 50’s-60’s man. Plays many minor characters while also framing the story and “telling” it to us. Very comic and wry. Baritone.


The story is framed by the AUTHOR, who is entirely pre-recorded and never appears in live action.

Stage Manager

There is a non-speaking role of STAGE MANAGER in Act I, Scene Four, which can be struck depending on projection capabilities.

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by Bart Kuebler

In the closing days of October, 1952, an up-and-coming cabaret singer pays a visit to a washed-In the closing days of October, 1952, an up-and-coming cabaret singer pays a visit to a washed-up private eye on the outskirts of Chicago. What he discovers about her mild-mannered husband and his peculiar relationship with orbital bodies leads to even wilder revelations about each of them, and to a moment of truth with an unexpected visitor.


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