Dynamic Duos

08/20/2021 7:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Carriage Court Pizza
Address: 211 East St, Crown Point IN 46307
Witness live improv comedy featuring the power of two! We’ve dedicated a night for twp-person improv teams to come out and show you that “two can do”!
Cheaper Than Marriage Coun$eling (Ron & Lisa Szanyi)
Love & Improv (Nelson Velazquez & Francis Veltri)
#CarOfSecrets (John Lattuada & Kate Wiersema)
Cheaper Than Marriage Coun$eling – When you’ve been married as long as Ron and Lisa Szanyi have, things tend to get interesting. Watch them improvise scenes based on your suggestions the only way a married couple can by exploring what issues a relationship has to weather so that love can continue and blossom. By improvising it online, it saves them a lot of money cuz, hey, it’s Cheaper than Marriage counseling!
Love & Improv – Both love and improv is all about relationships. Two improvisers delve into what makes real relationships work through the lens of improv. Featuring Nelson Velazquez and Dr. Francis Veltri.If you have relationship questions you would like addressed on the show, please email love@improductionsllc.com or DM the Improductions, LLC Facebook page. Your identity will be held confidential.
#CarOfSecrets – Witness a large cast, fully improvised musical be created in front of your eyes – by two people! John Lattuada and Kate Wiersema craft a musical based off audience suggestions in a fun, fast-paced, and melodic way!
COVID-19 POLICY: We will be following local, county, state, federal, and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 mitigation. We will not run the show at full capacity (only 25 patrons allowed) to allow for social distancing. Masking throughout the show, although not required, is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. Acts will not be masked during their performances

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    Angela Heid
    Kerry Fitch
    Megan Powell
    Susan Swarner
    Lisa Szanyi
    Ron Szanyi
    Ignacio Valdez
    Nelson Velazquez
    and others!
    This show will be privately streamed to ticketholders only.
    Live and virtual tickets can be purchased at http://4thstreetncca.org or http://improductionsllc.com.