One Bad Apple

04/24/2022 2:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Regional Performing Arts
Address: 2530 Portage Mall, Portage, Indiana 46368

There are two sides to every story and it’s about time the Evil Queen got to tell her own version of the tale! One Bad Apple: The Queen, Snow White, and the Evil Red Delicious is a new twist on the classic fairy tale. In this hilarious, witty, and over-the-top comedy we find out the real reason why the Evil Queen has such a hate-on for Snow and her little woodland friends. This play which works great for kids, teens, and an adult/kids cast has it all: mistaken identify, slap-stick pranks, heroic deeds, and of course a sprinkle of inner rage. One Bad Apple will have you wondering: Is beauty worth all that?