Recapitulation: Dramalicious Musical Improv

Chicago veteran team Recapitulation is back performing short-form musical improv games with us! Everything from the scenes to the songs to dancing to the comedy is completely improvised based off YOUR SUGGESTIONS!
Bev Bailey
Anne Marie Irey
Meredith Mellville
Remy O’Brien
Megan Powell
Nelson Velazquez
Tickets are pay-what-you-can ($5 suggested donation).

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    Frankie Benavides
    Angela Heid
    Kerry Fitch
    Megan Powell
    Susan Swarner
    Lisa Szanyi
    Ron Szanyi
    Ignacio Valdez
    Nelson Velazquez
    and others!
    This show will be privately streamed to ticketholders only.
    Live and virtual tickets can be purchased at or