JKLMprov presents Improvisations On A Theme

JKLMprov performs a series of unscripted scenes based off interviews with authors, writers, and artists. The theme of interviews in January are authors. Every show features a new interview and a completely set of improv.
Authors being interviewed include:
– John Chen
– Karen Cimms
– Lisa Clark O’Neill
– Theresa Carle-Sanders
All shows are streaming live at http://facebook.com/improductionsllc/live and other locations.
JKLMprov are:
– John Lattuada
– Kate Wiersema
– Lori Ryser
– Marc Ryser
Virtual tickets can be purchased at http://improductionsllc.com/calendar. Suggested donation is $5.

You can find out more about JKLMprov on their Facebook group:


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